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hpclevericons's Journal

Icons that make you go 'Hmm'
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Icons that make you go 'Hmm'
Welcome! This community is a Harry Potter icon community for those icons which make you smile, or laugh, or think, or even cry. They do not necessarily have to to have words, but this community is not about perfect style, or graphic design, it's about content.

There are many icon comms out there for artists who specialise in the visual element of icon design, and this is not one of them. You can make your icons in paint for all this comm cares, what we are looking for here is icons which are clever in a different way. It's nice if they are pretty as well, but the main element required is that they be funny, or thought provoking.

  1. No flames - be nice and polite at all times. You may con-crit other's work, but the operative part of that is the 'con', encourage and offer advice if necessary. 'This is crap' will find you booted out.

  2. All ratings accepted, but please place anything of an R or NC-17 nature under an Lj-cut and label it with a warning.

  3. You may rec other people's icons, but do not do so without their permission.

  4. This is primarily an icon comm, but friends banners and colour bars are also accepted if they fit the criteria.

  5. Harry Potter only please.

  6. If you have several icons to post, please do so in one message. Single icon posts will not be penalised, but if you post ten icons in a row all in seperate entries there will be a warning.

  7. Any more than three icons should be placed behind an lj-cut.

  8. No political or religious statements (if you somehow manage to crowbar that into HP) and no hate icons. [If you wish to make fun of a ship in an icon, be my guest, but if you want to just be nasty go somewhere else.]

  9. Discussion about icon making and the inspiration behind them is also allowed. For example swapping fonts, talking quote search engines, or reccommending humour sources.

  10. Pimping of other communities and challenges is not permitted without express permission from the mod(s) [ask and ye may receive], whether they are icon related or not, unless they are in answer to a direct question from another member. For example if someone requested information about journals with tutorials then posting a link is permitted, and creating a post with useful links it allowed, but not pimping your own icon comm just for the sake of it.

  11. All icons posted to the comm are considered up for grabs, with the proviso that those taking them comment to let the maker know, and credit in the key words. If you do not wish your icons used by others and are only entering a challenge then please state this in the entry.
beren_writes girlsigh

How to do an lj-cut
Type: <lj-cut text="The text you want to show for the link">The icons go here</lj-cut>

How to insert an image into a post
Type: <img src="the url of the image file">

If you have any questions and/or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact one of the mods. Thank you!</li>

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